Welcome to Australia is committed to creating a more welcoming and inclusive Australia.

The Welcome Centre

A place of welcome where old and new Australians can engage in social and learning activities in Adelaide.

Intercultural Futures

A one year leadership program bringing together youth from different refugee, migrant and asylum seeking backgrounds across Adelaide.

Careers Kitchen

An initiative aimed at cultivating pathways to meaningful employment and education for refugees and people seeking asylum living in Perth.

Welcoming Cities

Supporting local governments to benchmark and improve cultural diversity and inclusion policy and practice in cities all around Australia.

Welcome to the Game

Connecting migrant and refugee youth with sporting opportunities to make meaningful connections with their communities in Brisbane and Melbourne.

National Unity Week

National Unity Week is an initiative of the Lebanese Muslim Association and Welcome to Australia. The origin of the event goes back to 2014, when the two organisations organised the inaugural National Day of Unity, combining both National Mosque Open Day and Walk Together.


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Welcome to Australia relies on the generosity of our team of volunteers to continue our programs and events.


“My parents brought me to Australia when I was just two years old, and we know personally the power of being welcomed.”
Dr. Anne Aly MP
“Sisters and brothers, welcome to the Great Southern Land, welcome to Australia”
The Wiggles
“Wouldn’t it be revolutionary if we acted like we care about each other, despite where we come from or what colour our skin is?”
Missy Higgins
“I will be forever grateful to Australia for the educational opportunities I have been given and for allowing my family and I, to call Australia our ‘home’.”Mariam Veiszadeh