About Us

Welcome to Australia exists to engage everyday Australians in the task of cultivating a culture of welcome in our nation.

The Australia we love is known for its diversity, compassion, generosity and commitment to giving all people a fair go.

We’d like to find many different ways that individuals, families, businesses and other organisations can work together to continue to develop these values in our communities, work places, schools and institutions.


The Welcome Centre

A place of welcome where old and new Australians can engage in social and learning activities.

Welcoming Cities

A new project to help foster a culture of welcoming and inclusiveness in cities around Australia.

Walk Together

Tens of thousands of Australians come together in cities all around Australia, to say ‘Welcome’ in their city!


To engage everyday Australians in the task of cultivating a culture of welcome in our nation.


  • We believe that cultural diversity should be celebrated for the beauty and depth it adds to our society.
  • We celebrate the compassion, generosity and commitment of Australians to giving all people a fair go.
  • We create social and policy change by facilitating opportunities for authentic relationships to be built between people of differing backgrounds.
  • We encourage inclusion, open mindedness, equality and social harmony.



  • We aim to offer a positive, dignified and warm welcome to asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants.
  • We will work with others who are committed to the vision of an inclusive, welcoming and just Australia.

Changing the Conversation and Innovation

  • We aim to create a loud, public voice of positivity that changes the public conversation by virtue of its volume and values.
  • We aim to provide innovative leadership in the sector.


  • We aim to be highly professional, ethical and accountable to the public and our stakeholders for the delivery of our programs and projects.