Katie Noonan

“My ancestors came from far away and made this fierce, beautiful country their home. Now I want to open my arms and heart to new visitors coming here on a similiar journey. Cultural diversity is what makes our Australian tapestry so rich and colourful – the more colours the better!” -Katie Noonan


People are people no matter where they are from, how they have travelled or what their story is and they deserve to be welcomed, unconditionally, non-judgementally and with open arms. First impressions are lasting, so think of the enduring legacy guaranteed by a smiling welcome to australia. New arrivals will stay in our country not […]

Michelle Rowland MP

“It a great pleasure to be a Welcome to Australia Ambassador and I thank Welcome to Australia for the wonderful work they do. We are privileged to call Australia our home and we must look to afford people the opportunity to contribute to our community and enjoy the benefits of being an Australian. We have […]

Benson Saulo

“As the 2011 Youth Representative it is a great honour to represent a generation that is passionate about promoting an equal and inclusive society and who understand the great benefit of multiculturalism and diversity in our communities and wider Australia.”

Russell Broadbent MP

“I have long been a supporter for fairer treatment of people seeking asylum and in 2006, along with colleagues Petro Georgiou and Judi Moylan, crossed the floor to vote against the Howard Government’s bill ensuring future asylum seekers who arrived by boat would be processed on the island of Nauru, without access to Australian courts. […]

Corinne Grant

“We really do live in an absolutely extraordinary country and I am so thankful that we have more than enough to go around. Every new arrival enriches Australia in some way and deepens our understanding of the rest of the world.  We’re a better country for that.” –Corinne Grant

Sally McManus

“Many refugees and asylum seekers have had to flee their country because they have done the types of things I do all the time – speak up against decisions of Governments or power interests or participate in protests. I am not locked up or persecuted for this. The people who make it half way around […]

Father Bob Maguire

“I know why I’m unreasonably determined to stay in South Melbourne until death us do part. It’s because Jim and Annie, my parents, landed at Station Pier, 1923, boat people escaping Scotland’s poverty. Migrants all, let us rejoice, more guests are on the way!”

Gracia Ngoy

“After having the privilege to visit many countries in the world, both developing and developed countries I’m confident to say that there’s no better country than Australia. Coming from a war-torn country, my hope has been restored. A land of opportunities, a land filled with love, a land where diversity is welcomed. I have called […]

Gary Lee

“Every human being should be able to feel safe and to live a life without fear, disorder and anxiety. It’s a basic right.  I arrived in Australia as an international student and have welcomed and embraced the opportunities that I have been given. Australia is remarkable in so many ways and my days are constantly […]

Jamila Rizvi

“My family migrated to Australia from India when my dad was just 8 years old. The White Australia Policy was still law at that time and yet my family were welcomed with open arms into the Australian community. It is this spirit of respect, acceptance and empathy -as well as a recognition of the mutual benefit […]

Katrine Hildyard MP

“Many Australians characterise our Australian values as being about a fair go for all.  If we want our Australian story to be truly underpinned by our values, we must welcome those who come across the seas with compassion and understanding. Communities are judged by how they treat their most vulnerable members; by compassionately welcoming all […]

Sam Dastyari MP

“Thousands of my fellow Australians recently gathered to remember a young Kurdish man from Iran who died before his time. In sharing sorrow, we share also hope for change. I believe our nation is a welcoming place, that Australians are a generous and hospitable people. This was my own experience arriving here from Iran in […]

Ged Kearney

“Migrants have made an enormous contribution to Australia’s economy and workforce, and continue to do so. Australian unions extend a warm welcome to everyone who has come to our shores from afar, and pledge to continue to fight prejudice, bigotry, and xenophobia wherever we encounter it.” -Ged Kearney

Amity Dry

If my family were in danger I would do anything to keep them safe and I would hope if we travelled to a peaceful country to seek a better life we would find exactly that. We are so fortunate to live in such a country, with enough room and good fortune to share. So I […]

David Bridie

“I think you can tell a lot about a country’s heart by the way they treat people who have fallen through the cracks. We are in many ways a nation of immigrants. We see the pain that these people have been though. We know that nobody leaves their homeland, their language group, their surrounds and […]

Senator Lisa Singh

“I believe diversity of heritage is one of our greatest strengths. My father arrived in Australia as an international student in 1963. I was fortunate to have the influences of both my father’s Fijian-Indian background and of my mother’s life experience of growing up in Australia. My story, like many Australians, captures the importance of […]

Kelly Vincent MLC

“My mother often reminds me (though she doesn’t need to) that I “won the lottery in life” because I was born in Australia. When I look at the opportunities I have been given in my life thus far, and those that it is reasonable for me to expect in the future, I know this is […]

Mem Fox

“I wrote I’m Australian Too because I believe passionately that it’s morally important to open our arms and welcome people to this country who have suffered untold hardship and sorrow in their own, through no fault of their own. We live in a country that is wealthy and stable, a country that says it cares […]

Jake Barker-Daish

“I think it’s a great cause in helping people come to Australia with open arms and give them hope of a bright future, while also encouraging us to make these people feel at home and make a life for themselves.” -Jake Barker-Daish

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

Welcome to Australia is such a positive initiative. Refugees make a real contribution to our multicultural nation and it is encouraging to see members of the community working together to welcome them. Australia is a compassionate country that believes in the fair go. I will continue to argue for us to extend the hand of […]

Menik Gooneratne

“My parents decided to immigrate to Australia in the hope that us kids would grow up in an equal and inclusive society. Which we did. What I love most about this country is its wonderful diversity. It is by far our strongest asset. It saddens me that in recent times the attitude towards new migrants […]

Liz Ellis

“Australia is a land made up of our First People and migrants.  The current political climate seems to forget this.  I want Australia to be welcoming towards new arrivals.  One of my key mottoes when I was playing for Australia was “if it is to be it is up to me”.  I have adopted the same mindset […]

Ivan Maric

“I want to help people realise that those who are not Indigenous Australians have been newcomers to Australia themselves at some point in their history; whether that be in this generation or generations before them. I think once Australians understand our own history of migration, it will be a lot easier to welcome new Australians […]

Matt To’ouma

“Both my parents migrated to Australia. I was born and raised here and have experienced endless opportunities as a result. As a proud Australian, I only wish others can be given the same opportunity as I was. Welcome.” -Matt To’ouma

Mariam Veiszadeh

“When I reflect on my humble beginnings, it is still unbelievable to think that I arrived in Australia as a shy 7 year old who couldn’t speak a word of English. I will be forever grateful to Australia for the educational opportunities I have been given and for allowing my family and I, to call […]

Jing Lee MLC

“Australia is a proud country of migrants. The contribution of migrants to Australian society, culture and prosperity has transformed Australia as a great nation. As a migrant who has been here for more than 30 years, I value the democratic beliefs of Australia. In my role as a member of parliament, it’s a great honour […]

Dr. Anne Aly MP

“My parents brought me to Australia when I was just two years old, and we know personally the power of being welcomed. Our social fabric has been weaved by generations of migrants who were welcomed to Australia. It’s vital that we recognise the positive contributions that people seeking asylum, refugees and other migrants have made […]

Missy Higgins

“Only a few generations ago my ancestors arrived here by boat. And I find myself thinking on a regular basis: I am so incredibly lucky to have been born here, and not in a country where I fear for my life every day, where I struggle to feed my starving children, and where I am […]

Tammy Franks MLC

“We are a nation made of ‘boat people’. I grew up right next door to Sydney’s the Endeavour Hostel in the 80s where playgrounds and open spaces prevailed not the barbed wire and barbed words of now. I was a ‘skip’ surrounded by the children of immigrants and refugees fleeing persecution from as far away […]

The Wiggles

“To paraphrase Saint Matthew, ‘When I was hungry, you gave me to eat; When I was thirsty, you gave me to drink. When I was homeless, you opened your door; Now enter into the home of My Father.’ Sisters and brothers, welcome to the Great Southern Land, welcome to Australia!”

Tom Ballard

I see so much love, hope and opportunity on this big fat continent that I’ve been lucky enough to find myself kicking around on. So I find it hard to understand why we can’t extend those same qualities to human beings in desperate circumstances who want to come here. If we really want to live […]

Senator Richard Di Natale

“No person should ever feel the sting of exclusion because of what they look like or where they come from. As a kid in the playground at school, I was called a “greasy wog” and told to “go home”. Those words sting and they  stay with you. But we do not have to stand for […]

Dorinda Hafner

“Australia is a country full of pioneers past and present; let’s continue to strive to show the world we care in the only way we know how…with our hearts, open arms and that big Aussie smile, as we welcome new arrivals and offer them security, peace and the opportunity to make worthwhile contributions in building […]

Drew Petrie

“I count myself lucky to have been born and raised in a country of opportunity and hope. I live in a part of Melbourne that has migrants from all over the world. Some have been here for generations, others have just arrived. I really value this diversity, and love the fact my kids will grow […]

Omar Musa

“These are uncertain times. I see much apathy and a lack of empathy in this country. However, I also see a great deal of resilience, and beauty in the multi-toned mixture of our voices and stories. We need new levels of clear thinking and creativity to face the future, as well as perseverance. Yet what we […]

Julian Burnside QC

“Since the time of White settlement, Australia has always depended on immigration. Every new wave of migrants and refugees has been met with hostility and suspicion (even the ‘ten pound Poms’).  But after a generation, each new wave has been seen as a valuable addition to our emerging national identity. Welcome to Australia shows how […]

Steven Marshall MP

‘I think we should demonstrate in strong numbers that we are a tolerant society which really embraces diversity. We welcome those people who have come from overseas to South Australia and we know that they enrich our society. They should be welcome with open arms.’ – Mr. Steven Marshall – SA LIBERAL LEADER

Dr. Tim Soutphommasane

“Australia has been profoundly shaped by the contributions of immigrants. We are rightly proud of our success as a multicultural nation. Yet we can also do better in living up to our credo of a fair go. We can do better to show a generosity of spirit to those who arrive on our shores. Let’s […]

Jarrod McKenna

“A couple of years back while working with Aboriginal activist Uncle Kevin Buzzcott, he said to me, ‘When are white fellas goin’ to realize that you’re all ‘boatpeople’!?! If you are not going to let them [refugees] in, us black fellas should send you all home!’ Ha! What Uncle Kev’s humour calls us all to […]

Andrew Leigh MP

“My mother’s parents were a boilermaker and a teacher who lived by the credo that if there was a spare room in their house, it should be used by someone who needed the space. As a child, I remember eating at their home with Indigenous families and new migrants from Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, […]


“Having been born overseas and migrated to Australia as a young boy, I appreciate beyond measure the opportunities that this beautiful country has afforded my family in the pursuit of a secure and prosperous life. I am honoured to be an ambassador for Welcome To Australia because I feel they share many of the same […]

Tim Costello

“I have been to refugee camps and have witnessed the devastation of people fleeing from persecution and violence in their homeland. Australia can offer these people safety and security on our shores and they in return offer us a chance to broaden our knowledge of the world and enrich our culture.” –Tim Costello

Steve Georganas MP

“My parents arrived from war torn Europe in the 1950s, and my family has never forgotten those who welcomed them with open arms. Now, as the Federal Member for Hindmarsh, I am proud to welcome many more families to Hindmarsh, a wonderful community where more than one hundred different languages are spoken, and where culture, […]

Fitzy and Wippa

“We classify this country as the best in the world. We may be biased but a major reason for claiming this title is our ability to unite in hardship. We can only imagine what these people have endured to make the decision for a better life in the lucky country. Helping someone who is in […]

Hon. Jay Weatherill MP

“For tens of thousands of years, this continent has been home to indigenous people. And since the 1700s, this land has been further enriched by the arrival of people from all over the world. In 2012, our society is infinitely more prosperous, more open and more outward-looking as a result of this land being home […]