Leave a bequest

By leaving a bequest to Welcome to Australia in your Will, you will bring much needed hope and give voice to many refugees and families seeking asylum for many years to come. You will create a long lasting positive change  and you will enable the community to continue to cultivate a culture of welcome in our nation.

Your bequest will help thousands of refugees, people seeking asylum, and established migrants to feel welcomed, protected, and look forward to a bright future.

We do not receive any regular government funding but rely heavily on the generosity of individuals like you to ensure our services are available to refugee and migrant families who need us most.

Family and friends always come first, but if you’re able, please consider the difference you could make by leaving a gift to Welcome to Australia in your Will.

You can bequeath:

  • A percentage of an estate
  • A specified sum of money
  • A specified asset such as real estate, stocks and shares, insurance policies, personal effects
  • The residue of an estate, after specific provisions for other beneficiaries (eg family and friends) have been mentioned


You may wish to discuss with us the type of gift you intend to leave Welcome to Australia to ensure that we are able to apply it appropriately to our work.

Please seek the advice of a solicitor or a trustee so that you can be sure your wishes are represented accurately in your Will.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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