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Deputy Chair

Leah brings her vast community, organisational, political, and social justice, experience to the Welcome to Australia Board. She has qualifications in Law, Politics, and Indonesian. With this she has developed cultural awareness, historical and socio-political knowledge and rational, logical, thinking.
Leah’s families came to Australia as post-WWII migrants from Italy, Poland and the Netherlands. She has a strong commitment to social cohesion, social inclusion,and inter-culturalism. She is a Lawyer, and her career has been predominately in the public and community sectors. She is the current President of the Women Lawyers Association of South Australia and has worked in the area of gender equity and women’s rights for over 15 years.

Leah has been particularly involved in access to justice, chiefly relating to young workers, and people seeking asylum.
Leah has extensively volunteered her time and skills for Welcome to Australia over the past few years.’