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Before war broke out in Syria, Rateb had a good life. He worked as a plumber to support his wife and young son. A dedicated father, he wanted nothing more than to keep his family safe and happy in their home.

When the war started in 2011, Rateb made the extremely difficult decision to flee the violence with his family. Travelling to Lebanon meant saying goodbye to his siblings and mum, but meant that his son and wife could be safe. After waiting for 5 long years in Lebanon, Rateb and his growing family were welcomed into Australia and found their new home in Adelaide.

Since arriving in Adelaide, Rateb has dedicated himself to improve his English. Not only is he attending classes at the Welcome Centre, he regularly watches the news, reads the newspaper and tries to speak in English as often as possible. Over the last few months alone, his skills have improved incredibly- he’s even making jokes in English now!

The Welcome Centre is a vital service for many new arrivals like Rateb, whether they need emergency assistance, access to food, English lessons or simply a community to support them.

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