Intercultural Futures Fellowship

Intercultural Futures SA is investing in the future of an intercultural South Australia by bringing together our youth for development and discussion during a one-year leadership program. South Australia has been privileged to grow from the history and cultures of the traditional owners and has matured further as successive waves of arrivals have brought their ideas and practices to this land. At Welcome to Australia, we are working to continue the cycle by bringing all of our communities together and giving young people the tools and skills to advocate for their own communities while understanding and appreciating the needs and beliefs of others.

Generously funded by the Department of Human Services, SA, we are developing leadership skills and networks to help us tell young peoples’ stories, build sustainability and social cohesion. We meet once a month for skills training and practical application of these skills via targeted mini projects, and participants work with mentors from different cultural backgrounds to further spread the message and benefit from previous experiences and stories.

Intercultural Futures develops young people in 6 ways:

  1. Team-working and learning in an intercultural group
  2. Targeted training and development based on existing knowledge and skill sets
  3. Access to speakers and trainers from all walks of life, from education to business, local and state government
  4. Individual mentoring by professionals of different cultural backgrounds
  5. Practical skills application through monthly mini projects
  6. Team-working as a group on Key Performance Indicators such as community dinners, Walk Together and National Unity Week, large-scale charity Fundraising, Intercultural Forum event in June 2019

Intercultural Futures 2018/19 has brought 14 young people from Sierra Leone, Senegal, Ghana, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bhutan, East Turkistan, Cambodia and Vietnam to learn and work together over a 12-month program. Topics covered are; Kaurna language and culture, team-building and working, self-reflection and evaluation, public speaking, event planning, co-ordination and evaluation, working with volunteers, grant writing and acquittal, fundraising, negotiation and debating, personal leadership strengths, networking, writing for the media, speech writing, reporting, telling the story via film and media, among many others.

So far this year, we have worked with the Governor’s Leadership Program, State politicians, Tea Tree Gully Council, ThinkHuman, Nifty Outcomes, the Helpmann Academy.

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