Success Stories


We believe that knowing someone personally and hearing their story, hopes and dreams will have more impact on a person’s views on these contentious issues than any policy, economic or political debate. We thank those who are willing to share their stories with us!

Manal Younus – 3 Little People

To tell my story of being an Australia immigrant without telling that of my siblings would be like watching an episode of the three stooges without Curly and Moe – it would lose its affect. The reason being, our experiences after we arrived in Australia are what have shaped us into the very different human […]

Mariam Veiszadeh

I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan during the Soviet War in 1984. I, like every other human being living on this earth, didn’t exercise any choice in where, or the circumstances in which I would be born. Due to the Soviet war my family had to flee Afghanistan in 1988. Our journey took us from […]

Naseema Mustapha

My family were migrants from South Africa during the Apartheid regime. I was a young child when we migrated in 1977. Schooling on Brisbane’s north-side during the 80’s was extremely difficult and I felt very isolated and alienated due to the colour of my skin and cultural and religious background. There often were times when […]


There are countries in this world that face the problem of over-population. In the state in Burma where I am from, Chin State, we have the opposite problem. Every day we are losing more and more of our population; we are disappearing from our home land. We are losing our culture, literature, customs, and traditions. […]


I was only three days old the first time I had to flee from my Karen state village. The village I was born in was called Maetherewta. The day before I was born everyone in my village ran away. But my mother had started labour so she stayed in our house with my older brother […]


My skin is white, my hair is blonde, my eyes are green. My name is Jane, and on the surface, I could be an average Australian girl. However, most people wouldn’t know from my surface that I moved to Australia from Africa around half my life ago – when I was 10. Moving countries isn’t […]

Andy Busuttil

I came to Australia as a 10 pound migrant back in 1964. I came on a boat, the SS. Roma which was a converted plane platform from WWII. Finding my way as a migrant ‘wog’ at first was quite difficult. Luckily I was fluent in English so I quickly merged in. I am now very […]


I was born in a country town in Australia. Moe, which is a mix of mostly anglo saxon Australians, very multicultural. All my life I’ve seen people become hostile towards any other culture that looks different, speaks different, does things different, speaks things different. Imagine if life was the same, I love pizza, chinese food, […]

George Fomba

My family and I waited for a resettlement opportunity in a refugee camp in Guinea for 12 years; my thoughts were plagued with the fear of an unknown future. Our lives were in limbo. We didn’t know what was going to happen. It was there I promised ‘if and when I ever left there’ to […]

Kivu B

MY TESTIMONY My name is not to be known as there are people looking for me and I wish to remain anonymous. My country of Origin is the Congo DR. My Qualification: I have a degree of History and Social Sciences which I got from the University of Congo. When I had finished my studies […]

Arefa Hassani

I am a bird without wings, unlock the cage I beg with a sigh I have been wounded by unkindness, I cannot fly. My name is Arefa Hassani. Being born in Afghanistan I fell victim to the unfortunate communist reforms and subsequent rejection of progressive thinking that primed Afghanistan for revolution and Civil War, resulting […]

Steve Taylor

Hi. If you saw me, you might assume, from my skin and hair, that I might be Anglo-Australian. But I’m a migrant. A Kiwi migrant to be precise. A lot of Kiwis “cross the ditch” and move to Australia. And we sort of fit. At least until we open our mouth! Sometimes it’s fun when […]

Mohammad Al-Khafaji

My name is Mohammad Al-Khafaji and I migrated to Australia with my family from Syria in 2003. I am originally from Iraq and fled to Syria for political reasons and started to seek refuge in a country where they respect human rights and offer them a hope and a new life. We chose Australia as […]