Kelly Vincent MLC

“My mother often reminds me (though she doesn’t need to) that I “won the lottery in life” because I was born in Australia. When I look at the opportunities I have been given in my life thus far, and those that it is reasonable for me to expect in the future, I know this is true. I want those opportunities to be available to all Australians, regardless of how they came to wear that label.  I – like many others – also want political debate that is above all else honest; free of spin, untruths and fear mongering. I want to be able to assume that my country’s leaders will help its people flourish in every sense, and protect them from ignorance, rather than profit from it.

The asylum seeker debate, as well as Welcome to Australia’s incredibly important work present a perfect opportunity to continue the journey toward such an Australia and so I am exceedingly proud and honoured to join the ranks of its ambassadors.” – Kelly Vincent MLC